P&G — Always

Integrated Campaign

Always wants to help young women embrace the taboo of having a period by humorously unfiltering the topic.

Our strategy is to utilize social media to show how dealing with a period is empowering rather than embarrassing.

Reducing embarassment with more subtly designed packaging.

We started by redesigning the packaging to highlight pad absorbency rather than the brand itself through a sleek, new labeling system, which introduces an animal figure for each tier.

We also realised that most girls felt embarrassed standing at the checkout with the garish packaging or telling their parents which tier they needed.

We placed interactive pad dispensers in highschool bathrooms and malls to help young women deal with an unexpected period.

86% of American women have started their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies they needed. They report feeling panicked, embarassed, and stressed.

Continuing the Conversation

After receiving their pad we plan to introduce young women to the new language of periods and open the conversation between the brand and them in a relatable but educational fashion through our microsite.

The content on the homepage and site will be tailored to the absorbency pad type that was dispensed to her. The site is designed with a Snapchat sensibility for easy user-experience.

Snapchat Invisible filter

Surprising users with an invisible filter, only using sounds to match our selected animals. This will intrigue users to playfully post about “dealing with things” & contribute to the #DealtWith live story.

Always Discover Channel

Continuing the campaign by providing more fun, relatable & educational content about periods to the public. This way we are breaking taboos and opening conversations for all genders to learn.

AD — Alex Gunderson, Joanna Albert
Illustrators — Blakely Knox, Michelle Compton
P&G CLC Design Challenge Winner