A Workout Network

UI / UX Design

We designed Icebrg, a community platform for fitness enthusiasts that create, collaborate, and share on a database of workouts.

Like Instagram, but for working out.

Identifying Needs

People want workouts from people they know and trust

We conducted a survey where from 283 people, 54.1% said they were more motivated to workout with others, but 60.1% of those people workout alone. People have scheduling conflicts, difference in goals, yet their most preferred source of new information is friends and instructors.

Very few applications cater to intermediate fitness enthusiasts

We heard that most well designed fitness applications today like Nike Training Club are to motivate people, and the few that are designed for expert/intermediate users like Bodyspace are complicated, and difficult to use and hardly customizable.

Trainers and fitness enthusiasts want to connect with a larger audience

Daily workout videos on Instagram, YouTube vloggers, worldwide fitness challenges, and the plethora of blogs are created by trainers and people passionate about fitness. We want to provide them with a larger ecosystem.

Application Hierarchy

We created three main tabs — Home, Workouts, and Profile to structure the information and features in a simple, understandable manner.


A real time update of the workouts that your friends are doing with a quick interaction to save to a calendar, add to a playlist, or start workout in the moment.

Daily Workout Data for trainers and professionals to create a channel for communication between different kinds of users through data to better understand the user base.


Weekly workout calendar allows you to acknowledge small achievements and focus on what's next.

Recent workouts to quickly remember or repeat a previous workout. Use of playlists to save, create, and share a combination of workouts.

“Everything is all over the place. You need one app to keep track of your progess, another for your food intake, and yet another for inspiration.”


Private and Public Profile

We learned that people want to share their progress, but want to be selective about it. So we created a profile that you see, that shows you your goals, your composition, and your photos.

Your followers see a public profile that consists of your recent workouts and shared playlists.

Modular Elements

We had a ton of fun thinking about icons, gradient highlights, and art direction of photography. Developing a visual language that's reusable but also understandable early on really helped our team stay focused and unified.

Designing Specific Interactions

One of the biggest challenges we faced as a group was designing the creation of workouts to make it simple to use, and very easy to edit.

Setting reps, times, & exercises.

Creating & deleting exercises.

Setting specific goals.

Iterating + Prototyping

We designed many iterations of screens, alternating between each other, and testing paper as well as mid-fidelity prototypes with users.

AD + Motion Graphics — Me
UX/UI Design — Dipali Bajaj, Me
Photo + Videography — Dipali Bajaj
Brand Identity — Laura Renteria