Redesign Analog Interface

Product Innovation

A travel lock designed for today's fleeting memory.

The lock market is heavily saturated with obselete travel locks that users forget passcodes to and end up cutting. We created a lock that simplifies passcodes, with alternate symbols as well as a way to unlock it with their phone when they forget.

Meet Alessandra.

Dedicated travel vlogger, skateboarder, photographer & designer who lives in New York city. She enjoys traveling the world sharing her experiences to her subscribers on her YouTube channel. Most of her trips are planned a week in advance and so she is always jetting off to the airport last minute.

During user research we found the following issues —

Forgetting Passcodes

Long number codes are hard to remember when not used daily.

NOT TSA Approved

Not compliant with the TSA lock which makes it more suspicious when traveling.

Unclear Onboarding

How to setup the lock and its code after purchasing.

No Feedback

No negative feedback for attempts at trying to open the lock.


The design of this lock is so universally known that when locked to something makes the object more valuable to an onlooker.

BULKY Size & Weight

Bulky size and heavy weight makes it hard to attach to various objects and keep on hand.

Current User Journey



Phone + Lock Registration

During onboarding, users will be prompted to plug in their lock through USB port to their phone to register their lock. When they forget their passcode, they can simply plug in the lock and the phone will unlock when it recognizes their number.


Alternate Lock Codes

During our research, we found that users often remembered passcodes that weren't numerical. So we added the option of ordering our lock with the combination interface that best suited the user's needs.

Visual Designer — Liz Harman & I
Industrial Designer — Emmorie Jossie
UX Designer — Derien Brown