Spotify x Tinder

Product Innovation

Music says a lot about your personality and music streaming services collect data on your listening habits.

What if Spotify helped people match on Tinder based on this data?

Spotifind uses the data from your Spotify account to suggest matches on Tinder based on the 5 big personality traits that your music choices influence.

She likes One Direction and you like Arcade Fire?

Spotifind doesn't use your musical preferences to match you, but rather interprets the data to find you someone compatible.


Connect Spotify

When users open up Tinder they will be prompted to connect their Spotify account & let the RhythmRithm analyze their music data.



Our algorithm will analyze your listening data and show you where you stand among the big 5 personality traits.

  • Extroversion
  • Agreableness
  • Openess
  • Conscientiousness
  • Emotional Stability


Better Matches

Spotify will take over your Tinder account and display your matches in a new way.

See where they lie in the spectrum of the big 5, get a glimpse at their music taste, and learn why you might be a good fit.


Your Profile

Your own profile will be modified by Spotify as well.

View your own traits, see what music contributed to your personality evaluation, and let Tinder do the work for you.