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Sun & Sand Sports

Back To School Campaign 2019

It’s tough being a kid today. You struggle to find your place with friends and in school. Nowhere is this more true than in sports. It’s not unusual for a child to try numerous sports before finding the one that fits their passions.

This cycle of trying a sport, moving on from it and trying a new one can lead to a feeling of discouragement. We want kids to know that this process is part of the natural pattern of growing and finding their place. It’s all a part of discovering who you are and where you shine.

School's Got Talent
Season 3

As part of their BTS campaign, Sun & Sands Sports holds an annual contest called School's Got Talent, enabling kids passionate in sport to showcase their talent on a professional platform. Kids compete in multiple sports from swimming and gymnastics to martial arts and dance. Their reward is a AED 2,000 Gift Voucher and the chance to be the hero of next year's BTS campaign.

Creative Director — Sally Tambourgi
Art Directors — Me & Inji Sibai
Copywriter — Alex Murray
JWT Dubai