Interactive Youtube

SCAD + Google CLC

During the fall of 2016, SCAD and Google collaborated to research and develop concepts for making YouTube and video watching more interactive.

Our Team

I was a part of a passionate team of 16 students from 9 differrent majors who worked to solve the prompt.

Over the course of 10 weeks we uncovered unique insights, while leveraging existing material design principles, and catering to Android Mobile users.

All the while, the team was guided by workshops from Google + Youtube partners on research, prototyping, and storytelling.

My Contributions

SAV — SFO  ✈

Five team members and I had the great opportunity at the end of the project to travel to YouTube + Google's campuses in San Bruno and Mountainview to present our concepts and ideas.

In keeping with the non-disclosure agreement, I'm unable to share the process or deliverables of the project online.
If you currently work for Google and would like to see the work, please contact me for access.